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Trying to lose weight but unsure where to start? Trying to decide if you should just wing it or jump into the latest fad diet? Why not stick to the proven facts of human dietary needs, intermittent fasting. People always ask should I skip breakfast? How about dinner? When should I eat? But when the human body is given back its internal clock, it will regulate itself along with that stubborn weight you’ve been trying to shed.

The Anti-inflammatory diet has been trending as of recent, but this is not a new concept! If you’ve read the previous post titled “The Big Three” , the information is very similar, but this topic is SO important it’s worth posting again.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest healing traditions known to us. This 1000 year old practice is making a BIG return, and finding a way to be accommodated in modern times.

It’s important we open our minds to these concepts of healing because what we’ve been doing doesn’t seem to be helping! As a whole population we are overworked, eating poorly, sleeping less, moving less, and just generally UNWELL. The practice of medicine is always lagging decades behind the research, and what’s old IS really new with the incorporation of ancient remedies. As your Primary Care Physician, I’m dedicated to your wellness, and you’ll hear me talk about these remedies, whether you’re in for a cold, rash, or annual physical.

Your immune system is your first and best defense system against illness! Although we are mid-summer, I feel inclined, now more than ever, to talk about building up your immunity.

Something we always hear with nutrition is EAT PROTEIN! But are we ever told why? This blog will help us all understand why protein and how it can benefit our bodies short term and in the long run. Proteins are made up of amino acids. Amino acids can be divided up into two groups: essential and nonessential. Your nonessential amino acids are made in the body, but essential amino acids cannot be created in the body and must be brought in from your diet. When we eat protein rich foods our bodies will digest and break it down into the individual amino acids to use it for important functions such as making new cells or repairing damaged ones.


Today’s post will save your life. I ask of you to carve out 45 min of time (yes, that is asking a lot!, but please do it) and watch the video linked below.

The video highlights how modern world conveniences and our fast paced lifestyles have led the food industry to process what we eat and strip away essential nutrition. I will admit, even for myself as an Obesity Physician, the message is a heavy one, hard to accept, and harsh.

Weight gain is one the most common complaints I hear from patients. This has especially been of concern now because of the drastic change in our lifestyles during the Pandemic. Making better choices and cleaning up our diet is so much easier to think about than do! But please be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself as you start making changes, and focus your efforts on the changes that will make the most difference. 

Struggling to shed those extra pounds? Feeling overwhelmed with too much stress? SLEEP ON IT! Sleep is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our health. Sleep deprivation can alter our glucose metabolism and hormone regulation. Two very important hormones called Ghrelin and Leptin are often missed when looking into weight loss. 

Today’s health tip is vital! Water aids every bodily function, and it is the only beverage you should be consuming daily. Of all the health benefits of drinking water, my favorites are curbing your hunger, increases metabolism, and flushes out toxins.

Some of you, myself included, may choose to have 1-2 servings of caffeine per day whether it’s coffee or tea (I strongly discourage getting caffeine from pop or energy drinks), but apart from these couple servings per day, water is the main beverage you should be drinking.

If you have seen me as a patient, or my partners, you will often hear us telling you to increase your fiber. Fiber acts as a vehicle for waste removal, and this is why you’ll hear us say to use it to improve your cholesterol and heart health. It also increases satiety which means you are less likely to overeat if you’re getting enough. Long term you can even see the benefits of weight maintenance.


The most common question I get asked as a weight loss Physician is “Which diet is best?

Atkins, Keto, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Whole 30, Vegan, Beach Body, Paleo, Mediterranean, Blood type diet…you get the point, there are many options!

The best and only diet I recommend is the Common Sense Diet.