History of TTHC...

Trenton Total Health Care was founded in the late 1970's. It was once the first and only 24/7 urgent care in all of Michigan. Dr. Kajoor Sudhakara began his career at TTHC during his final year of completion of residency in Internal Medicine. He then went on to acquire the practice and has since been deeply rooted in the Downriver Community as an exceptional Healthcare Provider. He continues to care for generations of families, and is known for his charitable and compassionate nature. Over the years the team has grown to now include a total of 5 providers, and although we aren't here 24/7, we are here 6 days a week to serve our patients!

primary care and walk-in office in trenton michigan

We offer several treatments of common and even complex health issues. As your Primary Care Provider we will do our best to keep you well and out of the hospital. See our services tab for more specifics on what we treat. In the event you are requiring hospitalization for treatment, our team is credentialed at Beaumont Trenton and Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospitals, so you will always see a familiar face to provide you care! 

2. What we offer:

A Primary Care office that provides treatment to patients of all ages. Treatment of acute illness and chronic health conditions, and most importantly provide preventative care to keep you healthy now and later.  

At TTHC we believe in having a therapeutic relationship with your Primary Care Provider is key to success with your health. The healthcare model has evolved over time, naturally, and unfortunately getting care for a minor issue; a splinter in your finger or a headache could land you in the ER for 6 hours or more because your doctor doesn't have availability to see you the same day. The expectations placed on Health Care Providers is the reason for this, and a bigger discussion to be had, but at TTHC we will work with the system and make sure it is serving our patients and staff best! This is why we are staffed with multiple providers which gives you the freedom to choose walking in for care the same day, or pre selecting an appointment time for a date that works for you. We have a welcoming team of Receptionists, dedicated Medical Assistants, and on-site Case Management and Billing & Coding departments. Our clinic is here to serve the patients of Downriver and Beyond 6 days a week!

1.Who we are:

3. How we do it:

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